Asian Girl Filled With Black Dick

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As an Asian American, I am constantly bombarded with asian stereotypes. I am short 5’5, wear glasses, and has small penis. I tried being atheltic but just not ver good at sports. I mean, my eyesight and my height puts me at a disadvantage than everyone else. You can see where this is coming. I am a sophemore in college filled with white ppl. I don’t have many friends and I am constantly depressed for that and not being able to have girlfriends. I like a few white girls in my school, but I feel it’s impossible. Some of them are taller than me and some of them are popular. Sigh! How do you guys deal with this. And I also addicted to porn. lol, how messed up am I? I am constantly depressed and I feel like I am at the brink of my life.

Thanks for reading all of this.

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