Asian Masseuse Serves Customer

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I’ve recently been going to alot of massages, biweekly since i’ve discovered alot of benefits behind it. I am not trying to view this as a “Racial” thing, but i’m speaking from what i’ve experienced so far. When i get an Asian Masseuse she’s usually happy, smiley, makes you feel relaxed, works really hard, doesn’t judge you, and happily accepts even the smallest tip.

On the other hand when i get a Caucasian masseuse, their attitude is usually like they are doing you a “favor” by massaging your naked body, if you “pitch a tent” when you turnover (which is natural reaction in massage) its like “oh this is awkwwwarddddd” in their heads…no amount of tip makes them happy, etc.

This is also overall applies in hospitality sector in general..I’m not talking about happy ending joints,this is also in legit 5 star spas/hotels.

Anyone else share similar experience, what are your thoughts ?

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