Decapitation Island English subtitles

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Here’s a rare one. In a prison on a lonely remote island where women convicts are exiled, five guards torture 13 women prisoners as they wish. There’s nudity, torture, escapes, decapitation, etc. What are you waiting for?

Deported females are held on a prison island which is managed by a group of security guards who love to torture, humiliate and rape the inmates. They like to use a steam-room or hot-oil torture. Definitely also, there are positions inside the women prisoner society, and tough novices bring some discord between the “leaders”. Ultimately the new chicks reach some admire but things are difficult after the arrival of a new warden…

My own rip from an obscure DVD using autoGK. The source is probably a VHS from the looks of the image quality, so this is how I tagged it. On a personal note, one thing that impressed me about this film is how well it compares with much of Daiei’s other output at the time. Unlike some of their other WIP entries, this is a bit more concerned with the story than the titties, and while clearly exploitation, it is a pretty decent little film.

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