Female Ninjas – Magic Chronicles IV

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Female Ninjas – Magic Chronicles IV Also known as: Kunoichi ninpô-chô IV: Chûshingura hishô, Kunoichi’s Book of Ninja Arts IV: The Secret Story of Chûshingura, Ninja Women #4

Description: The movie starts with an English voice over, recapping the story so far (over what is presumably footage from the previous three entries in the series)… so fear not if, like me, you’ve not seen the other movies.
Basically the plot revolves around the title characters having to stop some sort of alliance from carrying out their dastardly deeds. The vixens employ some of the most bizarre ninjitsu sex magic ever commited to the screen to aid them in their quest.
The production feels like some edited episodes of a TV series (I don’t know if that’s actually the case here), so think along the lines of Charlie’s Angels  meets Saiyûki (aka. Monkey)  but made by perverts and you’ll start to get the picture of what to expect. It also has a great soundtrack; kind of early 80’s synth-pop soap opera score combined with the sort of thing you’d find in a Japanese RPG on the Super Nintendo.
Filled with some great fight scenes, lots of nudity, bizarre ninja sex magic (that simply has to be seen… especially the magical-ninja-egg laying vixen), and some over-the-top violence certainly make this offbeat oddity worthy of a whole-hearted recommendation

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