Female Prisoner Sigma English subtitles

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Female Prisoner Sigma Also known as: Joshû Shiguma Description: In prison for women tyranny reigns. Prisoners were tortured, beaten, raped, but for them it is not the worst. There is nothing worse for the downtrodden women than to be in a special solitary confinement on a full moon night. On such nights, with placed in the “alone” Prisoners are terrible things – mysterious forces forced them to beat their heads against the walls and bite their own tongues. Few left the carcer alive.
The only outlet for women in all this chaos, are conversations and dreams of a mysterious protector of all women prisoners named Sigma. The prison myth says that Sigma goes on prisons and cracked down violent guards, granting freedom to unhappy prisoners. But alas, this is only a myth …
Once, in the prison appears Ryu Kanzaki, convicted for killing a man who raped her sister Manami. Earlier, an attempt to take revenge on the offender, in the same prison was and Manami. At the last meeting the sisters, Manami vowed Ryu, that is released from prison at any cost and complete the unfinished revenge. But … the mysterious “loner” got in her way and Manami not managed to get out of it alive.
Ryu, completing her revenge for her sister, she is asked to be a hell of a place to find out all the circumstances of his sister’s death

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