Soft Skin Yawarakai hada English Subtitles

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Minako, a Tokyo housewife, is depressed that everybody has an energetic life outside of the house except her. Using her inspiration from television reports of a hitch-hiking chainsaw murderer, Minako decides to spice up her life by finding a young fan and running off with him by faking her kidnapping. While the woman family frets and worries, Minako has a wonderful time. Eventually, though, she chooses it’s time for you to get back to her family. The woman fan, nevertheless, isn’t prepared for the enjoyable to stop, and Minako’s fake kidnapping shortly becomes all too genuine.

Year: 1998. Duration: 01:27:54 .Directed by: Hisayasu Satô .Actors: Moeko Ezawa, Hiromi Kuronuma, Tomomi Kuribayashi.Language: Japanese , English Subtitles ,Country: Japan, Also known as: Yawarakai hada.

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